I simply cannot speak more highly about Kyle and her incredible gift of aesthetic artistry, an eye for just what you need, and the unbelievable skill set to accomplish naturally refreshed looking results (without looking overdone). It's easy to take for granted your fabulous results until... you stray and need expert Kyle to come in and save the day! I had a moment of lapsed judgment and ended up looking worse than the Aflac duck! Kyle's mad skills to the rescue. In one visit she was able to dissolve the excessive product and save my sanity. She's been doing some amazing scar revision work on me and has been helping me gain the adequate amount of volume back into my face with Sculptra (a product I had been completely dismissing). She shares a wealth of knowledge with her clients at each visit and truly cares about educating the public on the latest and greatest aesthetic offerings. Everyone should have a Kyle! 🙂

Brooke A, Mesa