Micronutrient IV Wellness

We've been listening to your requests for an “immune boost” to stay healthy and prevent illness and we're delighted to now have a program with customized therapies to share with you to meet a variety of needs!

Here is a brief list of some of the Therapies we are offering:

Wellness Blend - loaded with B vitamins, Vitamin C, trace minerals, calcium, magnesium, and much more

Supreme/Anti-aging Blend - a powerful blend of micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and glutathione this is one of the best formulas to help promote healing and immune boosting properties

Hangover Blend - sometimes we overindulge and need a little help getting back to normal

Bronchial/Chest Congestion Blend - a great formula that helps clear stubborn upper respiratory, chest congestion, pneumonia, bronchitis

Cold/Flu Prevention Protocol - highly recommended for those needing an immune boost prior to upcoming travel or an important event that you can't afford to miss due to illness. Surrounded by sick family members or co-workers and do not want to “catch whatever is going around”? We recommend starting this protocol 2 weeks prior to your planned engagement/travel/event if possible

Pre & Post Surgery Protocol - fantastic for the individual that has an upcoming surgery as it has been shown to help keep the immune system strong while also promoting faster healing times. If able, we recommend starting this protocol 2 weeks prior to your scheduled procedure.

Call our office today to schedule your next IV infusion therapy session with one of our registered nurses. Don't worry...our highly qualified staff will help you decide which blend is best suited to your needs.

You’re welcome to bring a book or laptop/tablet for your appointment. Infusions take approximately 30-45 minutes, giving you time to catch up on a good book, emails, or just relaxation.