Considering an Anti-Aging/Facial Rejuvenation Procedure?



Whether you are unhappy with the changes you see in the mirror or are determined to prevent those changes from occurring, there are a number of things to take into consideration before you start your journey.  The following will help you make the right decision in finding the best provider for you. 

  • Reason: WHY do you want to have treatment? What is the benefit/outcome you wish to achieve?
  • Research:  The aesthetic industry continues to grow, with millions spent annually on anti-aging and beauty product and treatments.  Many are hoping to benefit from these sales - from brand new nurse graduates to orthopedic surgeons.  What that means to you is that a provider may have little to no experience in the industry. Do your research before booking a consultation. There is a lot of information online, but if you know someone who has previously undergone treatment, even better!  Choose a few locations and research the provider on websites.  Experience and credentials should be listed.
  • Location: An important yet regularly dismissed aspect. A clinical setting is crucial for proper lighting and essential supplies.  Do not let someone inject you in a sitting room.  Further, you may see an aesthetic provider 2 - 4 times per year...a few miles down the road may actually be a better option then someone right around the corner.
  • Qualified Practitioner: Finding a qualified practitioner is vital to ensuring a safe treatment. Ask your practitioner about their qualifications, and only continue treatment with a qualified and properly trained provider. Make sure their credentials are discoverable. Sadly, it has become quite common for injectors with very little real time experience to list themselves as specialists & “master injectors” -  or worse yet, pose as a licensed medical practitioner when they are not.  Aesthetic injections are an art and while that artistry can be learned, it takes years of practice to perfect those skills.
  • In-depth Consultation: Ideally, this should be at least half an hour, and your practitioner should record your medical history, any known allergies and discuss any safety concerns associated with treatment. They should listen thoroughly to your concerns and NEVER try to force you to undergo any treatment.  Know in advance that pre-treatment photographs are mandatory.  These photos are there to protect you and your provider should there be any post treatment questions or concerns.
  • Clinical Assessment: A good practitioner will undertake a detailed facial assessment before starting any treatment. They will advise on the best areas to treat and give you an idea of a realistic finishing result. While you may be focused on a single concern, an experienced provider may suggest treating a seemingly unrelated area that will not only treat  your concern but also  positively effect other areas of your face.
  • Treatment Plan: You should receive a personalized treatment plan to reach your goals - after all, no one size fits all.   This plan should be a partnership between you and your practitioner in order to provide a safe treatment with natural, beautiful results.  At Cielo Aesthetics, we use a global approach to achieve your desired outcome. Treatment can be provided gradually so that all areas are gently addressed to create refreshed and natural-looking results while remaining within your budget.  On the topic of cost – you should ask what pricing will be, keeping in mind that knowledge and experience are worth a great deal.
  • Aftercare Support: Prior to treatment, ensure you will have access to aftercare support. This will allow you a more relaxed treatment journey, with your practitioner on hand to address any queries or issues that you may have.

Following these eight simple steps will help to ensure you have a safe and stress-free treatment journey.  Check out the “Our Clinicians” page…on it you will find the real time experience of those providing treatments at Cielo Aesthetics & Wellness!